6 Blocks

With 5 and 6 Floors


Unique Floorplans


Residental Units


Parking Places


Green Areas

sustainable architecture


The complex by the oldest historical landmark in Skopje, Aquaduct will offer future owners not only modern and high-quality apartments with convenient layouts and a complete infrastructure, but also a healthy, private environment, with a gated entrance, to provide you peace of mind and allow you to concentrate on the important things in life…


Situated in the Municipality of Karposh in Skopje, Aquaduct Residence offers the greatest location due to its carefully selected location. Very close to the city center, yet in a tranquil and private environment, the complex is situated in an area with a direct connection to the Skopje ring road within 5 minutes.

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Élite elements, high quality materials and convenience focused design.
Few locations can rival Aquaduct Residence’s seamless connections to the best of Skopje life. Where you can work, shop, play and educate your children, all right where you live.


Thermal Insulation Class A

Experience the highest class of thermal comfort in all seasons, leverage expanded energy savings.


Multisplit Inverter System

Technologically advanced Bosch MS is the best solution for warm winters and cool summers, we say YES to environment and energy saving.


24/7 Security and Monitoring

End-to-end security is provided by 24/7 camera monitoring of the common areas.


Gated Community

A quiet atmosphere, with privacy, security, and a strong sense of community.

Underground Parking

With specially designated pedestrian walking areas, parking places have been moved underground.

4 Season Windows

High performance windows that bring great style and durability, while displaying strong performances in all weather scenarios.

Financing options

Our wide choice of financing options and existing relations with banks and financial institutions allow us to prepare the perfect financial package for you.



Aquaduct Residence has a truly unique approach to green spaces, with ample horticulture to provide clean air, mental and physical wellbeing. The horticultural varieties have been selected for the best and long-standing quality.